State Level Positions

Identification and Recruitment Coordinator (NON-CLASSIFIED)
Colorado Department of Education

Description of Job

This position will work within the Student Pathways Unit and the Office of Migrant Education to administer and implement Title 1, Part C of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015. The Migrant Senior Consultant will have a deep understanding and adhere to state and federal laws, policies and guidance that impact the Migrant Education Program. The individual charged with these duties will coordinate identification and recruitment (ID&R) efforts with other states and within the state of Colorado. They will create, maintain and foster inter and intra-state collaborations that support the timely identification and recruitment of eligible migrant children, students, youth and families. They will also coordinate multiple learning opportunities for the MEP funded staff in Colorado and develop a State identification and recruitment guidebook that includes state guidance and best/promising practices.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Research, collect, and interpret policy on best and promising practices in identification and recruitment activities and in Migrant Education Programs at both the state and federal levels. 
  •  Initiate and coordinate intra and inter state collaborations in support of the identification and recruitment of eligible migrant families.
  • Create and sustain collaborations with other state and national agencies to improve services and dissemination of information related to the identification and education of migratory children, students, youth and families.
  •  Work with a team to implement state and federal guidance to administer the Migrant Education Program.  This includes  supporting the development and implementation of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment, Service Delivery Plan, Application, Monitoring, Evaluation and other key projects.
  •   Co-coordinate and execute an annual state  conference, lead planning and implementation of multiple training opportunities such as webinars, new MEP employee ID&R training,  and other professional development offerings that will support statewide recruitment of eligible migrant families.  
  • Identify and disseminate seasonal and temporary agricultural trends in the state of CO for the purpose of recruitment of migrant farm workers.
  •  Analyze needs for regional MEP staff and collaborate to provide guidance in addressing federal and state requirements related to identification, recruitment, qualifying work, and program implementation.
  • Develop, update, and maintain Identification and Recruitment materials for publication on the migrant webpage on the CDE website including an ID&R guidebook for Colorado.  This includes annually updating ID&R pre-training tasks, occupational survey, and development of ID&R materials. 
  • Support the approval and denial of determinations related to the Certificates of Eligibility as needed to assist the State Data Specialist in evaluating  potentially eligible migrant families.
  •  Develop and refine the process by which the  existence of MEP qualifying work is verified in CO through investigating, documenting and collaborating with agribusinesses across the state of Colorado.
  •  Lead annual re-interviewing as prescribed by statute, evaluate results of the re-interviewing samples, and produce a report of the findings to be included in the Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR).

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

Bachelor's degree or equivalent (Master's degree preferred)

Competency and Qualification Requirements:

  • Excellent time-management and organization skills 
  • Experience in creating and delivering presentations
  •  Bilingual in all four domains of language (English and Spanish)
  • Experience in Migrant Education Program setting or equivalent in a school or district
  •  Understanding of Colorado agriculture F. Has a valid Driver's License
  • Ability to travel with overnights
  • Understanding of data systems, data collections, and data privacy I
  •  Experience using the Microsoft suite , Google suite and other commonly used software
Complete Applications must include the following documents:
  • Completed Application Required 
  • Cover Letter Required - uploaded as an attachment to your online application. 
  • Resume Required - uploaded as an attachment to your online application.
 ** Resumes and Cover Letters WILL NOT be reviewed for minimum qualification screening. 

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